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You'll be assigned this task for the computers' lab session. Knowing that u love movies, your research will be based on them. Have fun and just a reminder¡¡¡¡ Everybody is responsible for the creation of the task. This is the link.

The main task of this Movie Quest is to present a movie genre of your choice. You will have to search web sites and collect relevant material, elaborate and synthesize what you have found and present it to the class persuasively. Among the information you should give to your classmates, there must be:
• A summary of the main characteristics of the movie genre.
• Include some movies as examples with trailers or posters to present to class.
• Positive aspects. Visit Internet Movie Database (IMDB) or Metacritic to read reviews of films of the genre you have chosen and collect positive points.
• Negative aspects. Visit Internet Movie Database (IMDB) or Metacritic to read reviews of film of the genre you have chosen and collect negative points.
• Anything else you think worth mentioning like, Oscar nominations, special effects, production costs, box-office results, and so on.
• A conclusion
You should synthesize the collected material in a personal way.

Present the material in class (power point presentation)
Step 1
Divide into groups of THREE in order to research ONE movie genre. Each group should research a different genre so as to learn for as many genres as possible. Your teacher may assign a film genre to your group to be sure that more genres are covered.
Step 2
Once you have divided into your groups, each member of your group will have a different role. Choose one of these roles in order to focus your research:
Reviewer: Summarize the main characteristics of the chosen genre, give examples and present conclusion.
Advocate: Present positive aspects of the genre.
Critic: Present negative aspects of the genre.
Step 3
Now you are ready to get started on your MovieQuest! Choose two or three movies that accurately represent your genre. Visit Filmsite, Internet Movie Data Base and Metacritic. Study the reviews and get the information you need.
Step 4
You got the information you needed!! Organize them with Organizing your Argument and Organizing A Research Project.
Step 5
Design effective PowerPoint presentations to capture your audience attention.


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